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Posted by Dene LeBeau on

IBP BLOG june 2015

  Implant OcclusIOn

            tHE      Fx is in


Nearly 100% of restorative dentists would tell you that he or she always makes a bite record over the preparation  on every fixed restorative case. Why do they do that? They do that because there isnany other practical way to communicate the exact relationship between the upper and lower casts to their dental laboratory. The only protocol more widely accepted than bite records over preps is the need for the patient to schedule their dental appointments! Now the question is… if the lab mushave this bite record over the preparation, what happens when the preparation becomes an implantI guarantee you that the result has been catastrophic case adjustments and costly remakes but today, the fix is in!



When the preparation becomes an implant, the clinician will do one of three things:

#1 Make a bite record over the soft issue.

#2 Make a bite record over the healing abutment.

#3 Make no bite record at all. (So much for accepted science)

Lets quickly examine these three options:

#1 Occlusal records made over soft tissue only work for removable prosthetics, and plethora oempiricaevidence is available to prove that soft tissue compresses when taking a bite record over it. Accuracy lost!

#2 Making the bite record over the healing abutment is a lot like wishing your problems away because healing abutments are not designed for taking a bite record.The healing cap is too small to capture material on its apex, it is also round, so the bite will hopelessly wobble on it unless you leave a portion of the bite on the distorted tissue are for balance (Madness).

#3 Taking no bite at all belies all of the reasons why we started taking bites over   the preparations in the first place and knuckle dragging doesnt help!  


ay, we have a well thought out, perfectly designed surrogate 
        preparation that hawon the endorsement of America’s leading clinicians.
        From the very first case that the Implant BitPost (IBP) is usedthe 
        clinician can deliver a superior restoration while avoiding costly case
adjustments and remak






                   Find out how it works click here


Getting started requires nothing more than logging on to our new website and making the decision to improve your implant service today. Please visit our store, place an order, and/or check out dealers in your area. A full set of instructions comes with each Bite Post order and if you need more technical service, do not hesitate to call a dealer or IBP at any time. We look forward to helping you exact the occlusion on your implant cases. Good news! The recent success of IBP has allowed us to receive volume discounts on our milling cost and we arpassing the savings on to our customers. Starting today, the Implant Bite Post will save dentists and laboratories lots of time and money for the small investment of $39.95!


If you are associated with a Dental School or implant study club, please email or call me personally to find out how we can help you get started. Group presentations and PowerPoint with text is available.        866-248-0521

    Sign-up here for our WEBINAR July 8th




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