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IBP ™-Implant Bite Post Announces Two New Platforms to their Product Line

Posted by Dene LeBeau on


Dentists and laboratories today can substantially reduce remakes and case adjustments by using a powerful new tool to make accurate bite records over their implant cases. The Implant Bite Post has now helped dentists and laboratories with occlusion on thousands of cases on three continents.

Making accurate bite registrations over implant cases for MegaGenandSynOctausers just got easier. Thanks to popular demand, we are proud to announce that we now carry the Implant Bite Postfor both of these platforms and they are available through all dealers on the home page of our website.
MegaGen- This implant company was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced surgeons looking for a better implant. The Implant Bite Postwill compliment their constant drive to offer better solutions for their patients.
SynOcta- The SynOcta concept was introduced worldwide in 1999 with the addition of an octagon to the Morse taper section of the abutment and implant. “The synergy of the two octas.” IBPis pleased to offer an occlusal solution forSynOctaby developing a bite post for their platform.

Next Webinar- We also want to announce our upcoming webinar onJuly 16that 5pm Pacific Standard Time. We will be featuring Dr. Mark Wilhelm DMD, MSD with a power point presentation on how to use this exciting new toolfor removable or full mouth fixed implant cases. IBP will also go through new cases, new uses and more, so sign up today to experience this revolutionary new product.

We want to give a special shout out to our new dealer in Spokane, Washington. We are proud to announce our dealership association with Absolute Smile Design. Owner, Kevin Ward is a very experienced dental technician with a thorough understanding of implant dentistry and he offers a didactic power point presentation on the Implant Bite Post.

Photos from the Front Line

On photo A., you will notice that the terminal implant was so deep that the undercut of the bite post was below the tissue. In this situation the laboratory simply eliminated that portion of the Bite and used the Bite Post in the #5 position. Figures B. and C. - See more at:
This case has implants placed in the #5 and #29 and #30 position. The Bite Posts were placed on the #5 and #30 implants, however accuracy would have been better served had the Bite Post been placed to oppose each other on the #5 and #29 position. #29 is a healing cap and no duplicate was sent with the case.

Tripodize with Implant Bite Posts

Three Bite Posts and a Lucia Jig were used to tripodize this lower full mouth case. Figure A.
As seen in Figure B., the healing abutments were not necessary or sent with case to the lab.
Figure C. shows mounted case with bite in place and final mounting. Notice that all bite material was cut away from soft tissue area of the model. Impressions of soft tissue are not a reliable source of vertical accuracy

Implant Awareness

Dentists- The next several times you are delivering implant restorations, please take note of the occlusal adjustments or even remakes you experience. The problem may be much worse than you know, but the Implant Bite Post solution is much easier than you imagined!

Laboratory Technicians- Try to get extra occlusal feedback on your next few implant cases and get involved with setting the casts. Odds are that you will miss the bite registration over the preps immediately and you will then see the Implant Bite Post as a must have surrogate preparation.  - See more at: