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  • "The bite posts are very easy to use and reduce the challenges encountered while making jaw relation records from implant cases"
    John C. Kois, DMD, MSD
    Seattle, WA
  • "I have been fighting for years with cases involving distal extension  implants. I would make removable or fixed interocclusal registration matrices. It took an additional appointment, greater expense, and significant time. The results were hit and miss with more misses when both arches were involved. I have been thrilled with the Implant Bite Post. You can use them on every case to assist with proper mountings but I find them most valuable on the unsupported edentulous quadrant cases. I place the proper length IBP, verify clearance, and make my record. My lab can then mount the case without the worries that accompanied my earlier efforts. Fabulous."
    Jeff Rouse, DDS
    San Antonio, TX
  • "Bite posts are surprisingly easy to use for both dentists and laboratories. It is really nice to now have a very accurate method for taking bite registrations on multiple implant cases."
    Mike Martin, DDS
    Grand Junction, CO
  • "The Implant Bite Post is great for obtaining bite registrations when making fixture level impressions. It is fast, accurate and easy to use. It takes the guesswork out of mounting cases."
    Robert Margeas, DDS
    Des Moines, Iowa
  • "I always take my occlusal records over the preparations when doing fixed restorative cases because it really works. The lack of preparations on implant cases caused me many occlusal adjustments and remakes until I tried the Implant Bite Post. This little surrogate preparation took the occlusal guesswork out of restoring cases over dental implants. No preparations, no problem!"
    Gary Hopper,DDS
    Palm Desert, CA
  • "After years of getting mediocre results mounting cases with bites on top of healing caps, it's great to have a better solution. The Implant Bite Posts are easy and accurate. Great job!"
    Steven McGowen, Owner Arcus Laboratory
    Kenmore, WA
  • "Oftentimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. The Implant Bite Post makes a HUGE difference! Dene has provided an excellent solution to make implant dentistry more predictable. I only wish he had done it sooner. Cost efficient, easy and effective, "
    Brian Lindke, CDT, Vividx
    Buford, GA
  • "I use these implant bite posts because they are as accurate as taking bites over preparations and very easy for the laboratory to use!"
    Bill Robbins, DDS
    San Antonio, TX
  • "Given the accuracy required in implant dentistry, it is important to start the case on the right foot. The Implant Bite Post provides and efficient way to record the patient's bite in a repeatable and trainable manner."
    Mike Dominguez, CDT/TE
    Kymata Dental Arts, Seattle, WA
  • "The Implant Bite Posts are pure genius. They really simplify a difficult situation and our lab loves them. The ordering is easy and the team is very helpful in finding a bite post that fits the lesser-known brand of implants."
    Jeff Gray, DDS
    La Mesa, CA
  • "The bite posts make the transfer of jaw relation records for larger implant cases a simple, seamless and efficient chair-side and laboratory procedure...very easy to use. A great improvement!"
    Norm Ickert, DMD
    Langley, BC
  • “A simple product that really works. Every clinician restoring implants should make implant bite post part of their implant armamentarium.”
    Carl Lederman
    Technics Dental Laboratory
  • "I use these bite posts because they are quick, easy, and deadly accurate!"
    Jeff Melton, DDS
    Santa Fe, NM
  • "It has always been a challenge to get good bite registrations with implant cases by just relying on healing caps and tissue as a reference. Using these new Implant Bite Posts takes all the guesswork away and gives us solid predictable bites"
    Dan Clader, DDS
    Montrose, CO
  • “The culmination of our hard work comes at the insert appointment. The last thing I want at this visit is to take a step backward. Using an Implant Bite Post assures me greater predictability and peace of mind.”
    Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD
    Woodbury, MN
  • “These Implant Bite Posts are great! They are easy to use and give a much more stable and predictable bite registration than other methods I have tried.”
    Ron Wilkins, DDS
    Salt Lake City, Utah