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IBP Troubleshooting

My bite material breaks or crumbles when removing the bite registration.

Always use high Jetbiteconsistency polyvinylsiloxane, addition type bite material like Jet BiteTM Coltene-Whaledent. These softer memory perfect materials can easily be navigated on and off the Implant Bite PostsTM without any change in the bite. Never use rigid or crumble prone bite material as the undercuts in the Implant Bite PostsTM will likely destroy the bite registration.


The regular length bite post is too long.

IBPTM offers a regular and long bite post that will service 95% of implant cases. On a few cases, the regular bite post will be too tall. This will be a challenge for the crown length as well.


I can't screw in the bite post because of the angle of the implant.

Unfortunately, the angle of the implant can prevent the seating of a healing cap, abutment, crown or bite post.


The lower cylinder of the bite post is held up by soft tissue and will not seat to the implant.

The implant was placed deep. Try using the longbite post, or make a few small soft tissue incisions around the access site and screw the regular length bite post in.


I have trouble screwing the bite post into the model.

Make certain, the threads are not stripped, or remove stone from the implant site access hole.


The implant is so close to the adjacent root that the bite post cannot be used.

A solution is not available. Space may be inadequate for the healing cap and crown as well.


Our office has accidentally mixed different bite post platforms together. How do we re-identify them? 

Visit the IBP Identification Chart. Each bite post has a universal laser engraved code on its head and the chart will help you with identification