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The real reason dentists have taken bite records over preparations since going to dental school is, because that is the only thing that works and has served as our occlusion gold standard for over fifty years. Now that implants are the fastest growing modality in all of dentistry, how do you think we replaced this occulsal gold standard when the preparation became an implant? Well, we never did replace the prep; we just gave it a head fake by taking the occlusal record over the healing caps or soft tissue and pretended everything was okay. Never mind that the lab may not have that particular healing abutment because the healing abutment technique rarely works for bite registrations anyway. Anyone that believes soft tissue bite records are accurate isn’t doing much fixed restorative dentistry!

The critical news for implant occlusion today is the arrival of the surrogate preparation and it is called “The Implant Bite Post.” Finally, every implant dentist can return to the time tested technique of taking the bite record over the preparation and every lab technician can return to setting the casts with confidence and accuracy. The surgeon can now rest assured that the Complete Dental Implant Team is in full harmony and know with certainty that accurate restorations will be placed over their hard work. The Implant Bite Post is inexpensive, easy to use and deadly accurate!