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Implant Bite Posts – Why Every Dentist Will Be Using Them

Posted by Dene LeBeau on

So, why is it that dentists always give the labs a bite registration for every preparation?

In all probability the answer is that it works very well for jaw relation records while saving time, money and frustration. Well…. what happened to this occlusal science when it came to implants? Suddenly, there is no bite at all or just a bite registration over tissue and/or healing caps.

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Is this really good enough? I know that dentists do their best to give labs quality occlusal records, however bite records over healing caps and tissue aren’t that effective or accurate. For the bite record taken over the healing cap to work at all, the dentist must supply the lab with an identical healing cap so they can set the bite. Add the fact that every implant platform has many lengths and diameters of healing abutments, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that bite registrations over healing caps are pretty pricey, not very accurate and can be chaos for the dentist and lab to keep track of.Besides that, these healing cap bite records spin and wobble on the healing cap and just might need a bit of tissue to balance on, but I digress! Occlusal records over mucosal tissue are a concept designed for removable prosthetics and won’t stand up well to the exacting demands of fixed dentistry. This comment pays homage to the few over-achieving dentist/lab teams that have clinically mastered a complex bite system by using healing abutments and made it work. I really mean that.

Capture a stable and accurate bite each time with the implant bite post
The good news is that in the last few years I have devised a simple yet effective remedy that I call the implant bite post. These titanium or surgical steel posts are easy to use, reusable and deadly accurate! The post bottoms out to the platform in three easy turns and the round contour solves any thread timing issue

How the implant bite post can make your job easier The two cylinders at the apex of the post are designed to capture a stable and accurate bite each time. Just send the bite registration to the lab with the post enclosed and they can take care of it from there. The next few implant cases that you seat may tell you if your implant occlusion is where you want it to be.

If not, maybe the bite post will be a game changer and you can share it with your lab. They will love it!

Dentist or lab technician, agree, disagree or a better idea, I want your feedback.

Dene LeBeau
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