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IBP™ Welcomes Custom Automated Prosthetics and Advanced Dental Technologies to their Implant Bite Post Dealership

Posted by Dene LeBeau on

Here at (Implant Bite Post) IBP ™, we are excited and proud to welcome two new members to our dealership family.

First, we would like to introduce Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) from Stoneham, Massachusetts. Their mission is to help dental laboratories navigate the digital transition occurring in dental technology today. They are passionate about dental technology, digital technology, and making a difference in people’s lives. This passion translates into their commitment to excellence in cost-effectively helping dental laboratories deliver the best products to their clients. CAP President, Bob Cohen, has long recognized the occlusal dilemma of recording accurate bite registrations over implants, therefore he has added the Implant Bite Post to his product line and educational programs. CAP launched their IBP involvement with a compelling and educational blog that should catch your interest.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce Advanced Dental Technologies (ADT) as part of our dealership network. ADT is one of New England’s leading dental laboratories for quality products and services. ADT’s goal is to provide excellence and satisfaction and the Implant Bite Post will serve a beneficial tool in achieving implant occlusal accuracy for the lab and their clients.


We are also very excited to announce the addition of Straumann SynOcta as a new platform to our Implant Bite Post line.SynOcta was added due to popular demand and soon we will be adding Hiossen and MegaGen.The new platforms that get added to our IBP product line will always come from popular demand, so don’t hesitate to let us know when you have a need.


Our first webinar is planned for May 20th from 9am to 10am Pacific Standard Time. We will go through a short, but didactic power point presentation and then field questions from participants. Please forward this blog and webinar information to all of your implant-centric friends. Follow up Implant Bite Post webinars will be offered every six weeks. We will be sending you an email announcement for the upcoming webinar this time, but we encourage you to subscribe to our blog here at IBP so that you don’t miss any new developments. Looking forward, we promise to have a lot of new developments, changes and additions, so please stay tuned in.


So, what happens to the settled science of taking bite records over the preparations when there are no preparations available, like with dental implants? The real answer is, with the absence of preparations, dentistry reverts back to bites over mucosal tissue or healing caps that have created a wave of occlusal problems for implant restorations. The studies have not changed and the dental world understands that mucosal bite records will never stand up to the exacting demands of fixed restorative dentistry. Placing a healing cap into the mucosal registration rarely works, requires an extra cap for the lab, and lacks the design to achieve a consistent, dependable outcome. Dentists rarely buy and send the lab a spare healing cap anyway. The only thing left is the old-school dependence on hand-setting the casts, which proved to be so inconsistent that it was the reason that we started using preparations for bite records in the first place. The advantages of the Implant Bite Post are numerous; the main benefits being reusability and precision. Implant Bite Posts are the perfect surrogate preparation, they work really well and they can be used over and over!